DASH New York Address

The address for the New York DASH clothing store is 119 Spring Street in Manhattan, New York, zip code 10012. You can find the third and most recent DASH boutique in New York city’s bustling fashion district known as SoHo. The area is very expensive in terms of price per square foot for both residences and businesses alike. As such, the DASH New York store located at 119 Spring Street in Manhattan is one of the smaller, albeit swankier and more sophisticated DASH boutique locations around.

DASH Store New York Address and Location

If you’re not too familiar with the Manhattan shopping area, I can easily walk you through how to get to the DASH store in the heart of NYC. The important things to know include major crossstreets, as well as other notable stores or establishments you can use as landmarks for both personal reference, as well as when asking people where something is. A native New Yorker will likely know where the Lucky Jeans is, more so than they might know where “DASH NYC” is hiding.

DASH New York is located on 119 Spring Street. Spring street runs east to west, more or less, and the two streets that border 119 on Spring, include Mercer and Greene. If you find yourself on Spring between Mercer and Greene, well then you’re just a few steps away from Kim Kardashian’s own DASH NYC. More than just being by your new favorite shopping boutique, you’re also in the heart of one of the Big Apple’s greatest fashion resources – the district of SoHo itself. Take advantage of all the outlets around you – as every budget and style is represented within this handful of neighborhood blocks.

DASH SoHo Manhattan

It’s called SoHo for a reason, namely, the moniker stands for “South of Houston.” Houston in this case is not pronounced like the city in Texas bearing the same name, but more like “Hust-ton,” with the first part ryhming with the word “rust” more so than “roost.” As such, it’s easy to tell a cab how to get to the boutique. “It’s in SoHo on Spring between Mercer and Greene.” A quick look at the map will tell you that Spring is parallel, and pretty much exactly between Broome and W. Houston. Go a few blocks south of Broome Street and you have Canal, home of the famous “China Town” in New York city.

When to get there
The New York DASH Store hours are 11am to 8pm every weekday between Monday and Friday, as well as on Saturday. You can easily drop by DASH on Sundays from noon to 7pm.

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