DASH New York Clothing

It’s no doubt that the DASH New York clothing store carries some of the cutest clothes around these days. No matter if you’re looking for leggings that make a statement, a fedora to round out that perfect outfit, or even a toe ring, of all things, to add the final touch to ensemble. The New York DASH clothing boutique has everything you need to look hip, adorable, and downright sophisticated whenever you hit the pavement or public ground in any form in the city of NYC.

July Clothing at DASH NYC

You can expect to see a whole lot of names you either can’t recognize or pronounce being sold at the New York DASH. Names like Nuj Novakhett, Plastic Island, Siwy or even D’Amore swim suits make a statement to anybody passing the store’s windows. You can be expected to be pulled in by something you think is adorable, but just be ready to pay a little bit of money for anything you think you need to have.

DASH New York prices for their clothing is the same that you would pay at any of the other DASH locations, including Miami in the balmy state of Florida and Calabasas just outside of Los Angeles. A $25 shirt is completely acceptable as a “Base Price” for a shirt, I’d say. Don’t carry in less than $50 for any kind of skirt you would preface with “to die for,” and you should be prepared to drop at least two or three hundred dollars down the register’s well if you want to have a dress that was either worn, or at least endorsed, by Kim Kardashian.

DASH New York Location

If you’re anywhere in the Manhattan area, you will absolutely need to make a stop at the New York DASH clothing boutique. If you’re buying any sweet Kate Spade bags from a nice lady in Chinatown, you can take a walk a few blocks up north, but don’t go so far north that you hit West Houston, because if you’ve done that then you’ve gone a few streets too far.

DASH New York Address and Hours: 119 Spring Street NYC 10012. Give the store a call if you have any questions about the clothes, sales, prices or sizes of anything being sold or displayed at DASH. You can contact the boutique at 212-226-2646. Happy shopping, and I hope this DASH website eventually helps you buy some great things online or in the stores themselves!

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2 Responses to “DASH New York Clothing”

  1. On my trip to NYC, I stopped in dash and purchased one of the t-shirts there that says DASH on the front. When I got home and I wore it for the first time, I found a hole in the side. Now I have to pay to get it fixed. Kind of disappointing.

  2. I absolutely love the DASH New York Store. My boyfriend and I live close in Soho. We plan to shop there in October for a wedding gift for my cousin Lucy. Any big sales coming up? LOL – She is a HUGE fan of you girls and never misses one of your shows! Hope to see you there! :)