DASH New York Location

If you know how to get to the clothes and fashion district of SoHo in Manhattan, you know exactly how to get to the Kim Kardashian DASH store in New York city. Located north of Chinatown and south of W. Houston street, the DASH New York boutique is located in a thriving and money-making part of Manhattan. If you think that the DASH store in Miami or Los Angeles is high class, you haven’t seen anything compared to DASH NYC and the clothes and products they have on display there.

DASH New York Location and Street Address

If you’re looking for how to get to DASH New York, it’s easy because SoHo is so famous for all of its many stores, shops and boutiques. Tell your cab driver to take you to 119 Spring Street in SoHo, zip 10012. He or she will know exactly where you’re trying to go. If not, tell them that Spring Street sits comfortably between Houston and Broome, and remind him that the store on 119 itself actually sits between Mercer and Greene streets. Not only will this ensure that you get to the DASH store in Manhattan in one piece and on time, but it will also impress a NY cabbie that you know the city so well, even if you are an obvious Kardashian-loving fan from out of state.

Around the DASH New York Location

The DASH New York store is located in the middle of some hot, new, established, or up and coming shops around its permiter. Apparel lovers can rejoice in the presence of American Apparel, Burberry, DC Shoes and Diesel. Beauty seekers will revel in the MAC Cosmetics, while foodies and lovers of all things sweet will relish in the opportunity to dine on Vosages Chocolate just around the corner. There are also cafes dotting the nearby streets, along with stores of all appeals and demographics, from Crocs to Barneys, Armani to DKNY, Steve Madden to Banana Repulic, H&M and more. If you’re into looking good, smelling great, or spending money, than making a trip to the New York DASH address and store location is a great way to spend a day, or at least a few hours while in the city that never sleeps.

If you’re not interested in checking out this particular brick-and-mortar, you can also grab yourself a plane ticket and head west on a pilgrimage to see the original DASH store Calabasas, or you can head for the tropics and scout the Miami D-A-S-H boutique. In the latest seasons of Keeping up with the Kardashians the sisters have been checking out possible real estate for a West Hollywood spot, and internet rumors are even pointing toward DASH clothing locations in Dallas, Las Vegas and even Dubai.

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4 Responses to “DASH New York Location”

  1. Kim and Kourtney,

    Yesterday my wife and I took our 17 year daughter Kori to your NY location as this was the highlight of our first NY experience. The experience at your shop was not impressive. When we entered the stop their were 3 assocaties who just stood at the front counter and did not greet customers. I had go up and ask for help so that we can get a shirt. One of the girls was eating at the front desk not professonal. When we were checking out none of them would really acknowledge our presense since they kept talking to each other about someone who was not dash material. We are not famous but in this day I think that you would have your associates treat everyone as though they cared. Its to bad that these associates don’t care about customers.

    Best regards
    Arnold O

  2. Hi Kim, Kourtney and Kloe

    I read that your associates doesn’t care about customers, i’m yong, hard-worker and i’m looking for job enywere in america, give me a chance give me the job, wherever you have, i’m not going to disappoint you gays. My english is poor but my work excellent.

  3. Hey Dolls:)
    I hope u all are well and happy!
    I wanted to tell u that I have just finished a fantastic week in NYC! May5-11 and had 50 things on my to do list to accomplish while visiting there and happily got to experience them all! Honestly I had a blast! Ok but now that I’m safely back home here in Alabama, I have thought about there being a Dash location in NYC and have thought OMG! That’s one thing I totally forgot about to put on my list:(
    After reading on here the results of a customers shopping experience with your staff there makes me angry for u, I’ve been in the retail business before and I’ve got to tell ya, the mannerism of the sales staff can make a business or break it! I wish u great success with the store, I’m a huge fan of u girls, can u tell? (lol) well God Bless, and Take care:)

  4. We took out 17 year old daughter to dash soho, this is the second time. It is so obvious that the kardashian girls are just obsessed with money… The shop was appalling. Probably no more than a couple of thousand dollars spent on making what could be a gold mine.

    They could have a great brand globally but Jenna clearly doesn’t have a clue.. I know, I have built a major International business without the benefit of keeping up with the kardashians, behind me.

    The store was very very bad and a waste of anyone’s precious time in nyc. The kardashians coud excell their brand for a longer period if time given the right advice.

    With kind regards