DASH Store New York Hiring

Back in September of 2010 the internet blog mastermind Coco Perez reported that Kourtney Kardashian was actively hiring and recruiting new team members for DASH New York. The Kardashians were looking to hire “hot and trendy” ladies with a sense of style all their own. They needed to be able to stand out in a fashion store that caters to New York clothing demands and expectations.

DASH New York Hires

A few of the requirements for working at the DASH store are pretty straight forward. You have to be willing to work full-time. You should hold a passion for all things retail. You need to be able to hold your poise on national television. Wait a second, that last one didn’t seem too “normal,” did it? But that’s because working at the DASH store, or being a DASH Doll, as the store attendants are called, is not necessarily a normal job. While 99% of the time you will act and behave as a normal retail associate would; helping customers find something you would never wear in their size, sorting through the 14 shelves of like-names items to find a price tag for a skirt the customer claimed to have found “over there.” However every now and then, and seldom should be used as a word to describe the frequency, but every so often, the DASH Dolls get to make an appearance on the reality show on E! Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Working for DASH on Keeping up with the Kardashians: How to Apply

DASH NYC wanted all interested applicants to contact a man named Brian, through a New York “retail casting” agency of all things, in order to arrange interviews for the most outgoing and qualified applicants.

The old DASH applications used to ask for your name, birth date, personal phone number, a short description of your interests and passions, a few notes about any previous work experience, a few lines about what makes you, you, and finally (however unorthodox this might be for a traditional job application) a headshot with a clear picture of your beautiful mug. Yes, your candidacy to work for DASH New York is actually partially (if not heavily) dependent on your looks.

Who can apply at DASH NYC?

Anybody over or including the age 18 is applicable for employment at any of the three DASH boutiques. The store encourages both male and female applicants, and does not place a discrimination or favor on any gender when weighing potential applicants. Of course it’s hard to believe that casting for the reality shows doesn’t play some sort of part in the store’s hiring process, but I choose not to think about that part.

All jobs for DASH Manhattan started in October of 2010. That is just before the public opening of the boutique, as this timing gave store workers time to setup and arrange the clothing in the store.

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37 Responses to “DASH Store New York Hiring”

  1. So i live in OR and looking at applying for dash if thats possible at all, but i was leaning more towards the boutique in Cali since it’s closer to me and would be an easier move/tansition than NYC.

  2. Hello ~! Are the three dolls still hiring? If so I would love to send in my information.

  3. Hi Courtney, Kim, or Chloe, I’m Rose, a jewelry designer. First, I’d like to say I highly respect your decidation, intelligence, and business savyness. I’ve recently opened a boutique in VA. I’m doing pretty good, but I just want to really be a part of the vision that you have for Dash. If you need a jewelry designer, manager, or buyer then I’m your girl.

  4. i just want to be a part of your dash family….. i know that i will do good….. 😉

  5. I work at a clothing retail store and I am transferring for FIT for fashion merchandising. I would love to work for DASH. please do get back to me. I would highly appreciate it

  6. Hi my name is brianna and I was wondering when is the hiring date for the dash opening up in Los Angeles??

  7. I would like to work at your store I have over 7 years of retail experience. If you need me to send in my resume please let me know. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day.

  8. I’m really interested in working for DASH NYC. I’ve worked retail and customer service for any years. Fashion is my passion, and I look forward hearing from you!

  9. Well I live in Canada and I would love to work for the Dash Boutique. I do have over 4 years in customer service, I have worked in retail and would greatly appreciate this opportunity to work in such a well known store.

  10. I am looking for any type of employment – please let me know if your location is hiring anytime soon. Thanks!

  11. Dear Sir/Madam

    I am very interested in a position with you. I have a lot of retail experience. I have a very bubble and outgoing personality and am very good interacting with people and have very good sales techniques. Any info that you need I am more than happy to send to you.

    Kind Regards

  12. Hi my name is Hailley I’m 12 years old. I love you guys and you are all my role models!

  13. I love boutiques – they so cute! I remember my mom had a boutique once. I miss being there, and I had fun with the dolls – putting their clothes and jewelry on. That was fun.

  14. Hi dolls my name is Amanda I’m planning on moving to New York from ireland and would love too work for DASH and I just wanted too no what I’d need to send too you , I have experience im retail and im very into fashion ,please do get back to me. I would highly appreciate it

  15. I just want to give a shout to the K-Dolls! I live in Michigan and love your line at Sears. Kourtney the sweat suit (Orange it says K-Doll) that you wore in front of Scott in this past season of Kourtney and Kim take Miami, I own it in grey!Love it!

  16. Im really interested in working in one of your three stores. I’ve worked in retail and customer service for many years. Love fashion. I will like to hear from you guys soon. thanks

  17. How about getting a store open in Chicago.

  18. Hi There.
    I would love a chance working at DASH at any of the locations. If you are looking to hire someone with a new, fresh face, then i’m your girl. Please send me over the information and details. Would love the opportunity to work at DASH. Thank you

  19. Hi, my name is Florentina. I live in Canada, and I am looking to move to California, and have the opportunity to work for “DASH”. I am a full time Visual Merchandiser, for a men’s clothing store. I went to school for visual merchandising, and have many years of fashion experience. It would be a fabulous opportunity to get the chance to work for “DASH”. If the boutique is in need of a visual merchandiser, I can send you my resume and any other information that is needed. Thank you.

  20. I just graduated with a major in strategic communications and a minor in business. I love fashion, have a strong desire to utilize my talents, I have a “spot on eye” for fashion, and would like to utilize my recent college degree in the field.
    I have worked multiple years in retail, and currently work at Benefit cosmetics to put myself through college.
    Strong Team player, honest, trust worthy, smart, and has a strong desire to succeed.
    Please contact me, I would be honored to be a part of your Dash success in your NYC store.
    Thank you

  21. If you are looking to expand and or remodel any of your locations. Feel free to contact me. I am in commercial real estate development and planning…and needless to say love you guys! XO

  22. Hello, I would love to know if they are still hiring. I’m still going to pay a visit I’m more like a one on one type of girl and I believe in finding things out on my own terms. Would love to get any feedback though. Much love :* xoxo

  23. Hola my name is ashlee I work in a retail fashion store like forever 21 I will love to work at dash please get back to me am experienced and bilingual

  24. My English spoken and reading is great bot wen I rite is little bad

  25. Good Evening
    My name is Lurielle and I live in South Africa. Is there a specific email address or a certain website I can source information from?I would love to send my resume through should it be that the Kardashians will be hiring for one of the Dash Stores?


  26. Hi- Kourtney,Chloe and Kim, I am a retail manager seeking employment with DASH.Not only do i love your clothing line,I enjoy wearing it too. I have 14 years experience in the retail industries,and believe i do have a lot to offer your company.

    Best Regards,

  27. Hey three beautiful angels. I’m nicole I’m 21 years old,I have a few jobs experience and I’m from indonesia. Looking for a dash doll yes your looking at me I mean I’m looking if i can work. Thanks before

  28. Hello, my name is Adrianna I’m 18 years old ready to move and start something new I graduated last May and would love to start doing retail! Im fun and always stay focused please email me would love to get to know more about the job. Hope you’re still hiring!

    Thank you, Adrianna

  29. I have worked in retail for 20 years as a Store Manager for a billion dollar company in Texas . I love team building and selling ,customer service is a must in my book . It’s all about customer service and understanding the business. I currently live in San Antonio and willing to relocate for a better opportunity. To be apart of a booming business would be outstanding . I would love to be a Dash Doll manager and eager to take to the next level high dollar fashion. Thank you for this opportunity

  30. How are you guys, my name is Roy I would like to work with you guys in one of your stores in ny, I’m 23 years old I have the experience in retail, I worked in stores like Zara, pull and bear and Springfield, I know a lot about getting the job done, dealing and helping custumers and looking up for the benefits of the company hope to know from you soon / Roy

  31. Yo their names start with k’s…all of them. sept for rob..hes cool tho 😎

  32. We really need you to come to Boston !!!! And I would be FABULOUS as one of the DASH DOLLS! Love you all…..

  33. I am Interior Designer and I have a passion for fashion as well. I have my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts. I would love a chance to be a part of this adventure. I know I can offer more than enough.

  34. Hi good day to u. my name is Virginia jackman. am looking a job in one of ur store.am 34 year old.I live in new Jersey looking a full time job.am will to meet with you for an interview anytime.it’s posable with u thank you

  35. Hello I’m Jamaica and I am interested to work with you guys kim,color and kourtney I’m interested to work with you if you give me the chance I will make you proud I am six years experience of of customer service I do retail. I am honest respectful I am a loyal person I take my job seriously I will take care of your business like it was my business thank you for your time

  36. Hello,
    I have years in experience and a really good sale perform.
    How can I apply for Dash?
    Thank you.