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If you’re looking to shop and buy New York DASH Store clothing online, chances are you came here because you love Kim Kardashian’s clothes, style and DASH boutique in New York city. Who can blame you? With tons of adorable designs and some of the trendiest clothing available anywhere in a store or online, DASH New York clothing is the epitome of high-end fashion without the astrological price tags of true high-end names.

DASH New York Clothing

All the DASH stores feature much of the same stock. DASH NYC carries a similar selection of shirts, pants and skirts to DASH Los Angeles and Miami. Some of the latest additions to the DASH New York clothing line include Wildfox Courture. WC makes some awesome t-shirts, as well as what the company deems “baggy jumpers.” This is definitely something Kim Kardashian would wear alongside fiance Kris.

Other than Wildfox coming in, DASHNYC is also putting some new jewlery by Sugar Bean on display. The New York DASH has had clothing and jewelry from easily over a hundred designers at this point. One used to be able to keep up with all the names and products coming in the door, but now it’s downright impossible to keep track. One thing that’s certain is that all DASH stores will always sell a product if it is a “signature” Kardashian item. For example the Kim Kardashian Perfume, or the Khloe Kardashian perfume titled Unbreakable, are always on sale at DASH NY or any other store.

If you want to see all these clothes online, you can always visit the website. This DASH website should feature pictures and prices for your favorite K-DASH clothes, lines and seasonal designs.

DASH New York Summer Website Clothing

Mikoh swimsuits are taking over the poolside thanks to DASH’s fashion influence in the northeast. Pretty soon the designer swimsuits will take over Los Angeles thanks to Calabasas DASH learning from NYC. Whether it’s tops from Olivia, frames from Dita, dresses from Parker, scarves from Gypsy 05, or even signature DASH shirts and products like candles and water bottles, the DASH New York clothing and product line knows how to make a statement and influence the other stores in the Kardashian lineup.

DASH New York’s July Spread

Clothing at the DASH New York Store
I love it when the DASH store sends out new pictures of their clothing. It doesn’t happen very often, so when it does it’s like hitting a visual goldmine. Take this picture, for example, where the Miami DASH boutique shows a beautiful display of shirts they have on display. Another thing we can see is a pretty funny canvas bag at the back-right of the picture we see here. It’s actually a printed picture of a leather purse on top of a standard canvas tote bag.

In front of the bag-on-bag setup on the table we see an array of silk-screen printed shirts that boast a variety of phrases invoking power, as well as going against the grains of society. Shirts display sayings such as American Rebel, or Outrageous, or constitutional embellishments such as “We the People”. This display of goodies was laid out in honor of Independence July, July Fourth. This explains the prominent red, white and blue theme.

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  1. This is for Kim, I have a dilemma. I am attending a wedding in Sept and some of the family are so mean. I want to look like a million bucks but i have no idea what to wear, I am a size 18 and ashamed of my body. Can you help me with a head to toe stunning outfit to help make me look smaller. I have long dark brown natural curly hair with blue eyes and 41 years old. Thank you so much, Kathy from Utah

  2. Hi I love your show! I think you’re all very pretty, and one day I would like very much to be like you. Have a great day!

  3. I’m trying to get on the mailing list to get books, products, etc that Kim sells at her boutiques. Is there such a list to be informed?

  4. Hi, i love your show. The family is great. Love to see how close they are. Good job to mum.