Where is DASH New York?

Where is the DASH Store in New York city? Kim Kardashian’s DASH boutique in NYC is located at 119 Spring Street, Manhattan, New York 10012. That is the address you would tell somebody if you wanted to visit, see and shop the DASH store in New York.

DASH Store New York Location

The closest major intersections, and I’m talking major intersections, near the New York DASH store are Broadway and W. Houston Street. Of course, in order to be in SoHo, which the store is, DASH needs to be located south of the famous Houston Street. The beginning of that street name is pronounced “How,” as opposed to the more commonly assumed “who.” While the boutique is technically located on Spring Street, if you need to tell a driver where to go, you can instruct them by saying that it is between Wooster and Mercer, from the east and west, and Broome and Prince, from south to north. These directions to the New York DASH store will make sure that you get to the store in time to do some serious online or in-store shopping.

What does DASH sell?

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian’s DASH stores sell designers that are both big and small in the world of boutique fashion. If you want unique designs and one-off fashion accessories, then you are in luck whenever you visit the New York DASH location. However if you want traditionally manufactured, want-to-be-like-everybody statements, then I’d like to think that you’re in the wrong place by coming here.

DASH clothing stores sell jewelry by names such as Veronique, Martha Calvo, Joolz and more. There’s even an exclusive Kim Kardashian jewelry line that’s for sale at Miami, Los Angeles and New York DASH stores. No matter where you’re located, either you are close enough to a store, or there is a good chance that you know somebody well enough that lives close to a DASH Store, and you can get anything you see on this DASH website, on Twitter, or on Kim’s show Keeping up with the Kardashians.

How do I get to DASH in New York?

The biggest streets running parallel and laying on the east and west side of DASH NYC are 6th and Bowery. On the north side we have the famous Houston, and a few clicks south is Canal Street, known for rock-bottom deals on clothing, bags, perfume and accessories. DASH New York is located in the heart of all of that. High name fashion is around the store itself, and just a few blocks south, say half a mile or so, are some of the cheapest clothing stores you can find. Granted the quality and selection of clothes aren’t exactly on par with what Kim and Kourtney would wear, or what they would sell in their own New York store, but you get what you pay for and it’s all about location at this Manhattan DASH in SoHo!

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